Artist Spotlight Rubi Rox

Rubi Rox

 I’ve had a strong passion for art since I was a child, but I remember that songs and seeing singers on TV sparked a special feeling. I was always a curious child when it came to art, and I wrote poems and songs from a young age. My family always supported me in developing those gifts. I have many musical influences, including Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Thalia, and many more, but I have a great admiration and respect for Rihanna’s artistic career. Her songs and art have inspired me since I was young.

 I started by uploading my rap compositions to Instagram, and today I’ve recorded with artists like Sak Noel.  I’ve met people who have pushed me a lot in this and helped me find myself more and more, like True Hollywood, Sak Noel, my current producers Shadows the Producer and Flavba, and many others.

 A future project coming soon is with Dainjazone that will get everyone dancing.

You can find me on Instagram and TikTok as @rubiroxofficial, on Spotify as Rubi Rox, and on YouTube as Rubi Rox. I await you there so we can continue growing together. Check out more at Soul and Salsa Film TV Magazine