Layllen is Ready for Love

“Layllen is Ready for Love”

By Soul and Salsa

You may know Layllen Sawyer from the OWN network’s ninth season of the hit reality dating show “Ready to Love”, but she is so much more. Born in Sierra Leone, West Africa, but raised in Plano, Texas, Layllen has made it her life’s mission to help others.

“Ready to Love is an unscripted dating reality series from the male perspective highlighting their experiences searching for real love. On the show, Black men and women in their 30s and 40s document the real life journey in their pursuit for the perfect relationship.

She is a woman that knows how to wear more than one hat. Layllen is a John Maxwell certified speaker, author and life coach on self-love and development.

Soul & Salsa: You are a beautiful woman. Is it hard finding eligible bachelors? If so, why? 

Layllen: I would not say it has been finding eligible bachelors. I feel you attract a match based on where you are in life. This has been very true throughout my life. For this reason, I consistently work on myself, and I am a work in progress.

S&S: Did you ever use dating apps? If so, what did you not like about them?

Layllen: Yes. I have tried a few in the past, but did not have any success.

S&S: How would you describe yourself? Who is Layllen?

Layllen: I do not think I can sum up who Layllen is in a few short sentences, but I will share my perspective as well as what others shared about me. I feel that when someone takes the time to really get to know me, they will find that I have a kind heart and a child-like innocence. I believe the good in people. At times, this has been my downfall and taught me some tough lessons in life. I’m a unicorn and have powerful energy that can be felt when I walk into a room. I get excited about cleaning and organizing. I love ice cream and fresh fruit. Traveling makes me feel unstoppable and motivated. I am a very passionate person. Lastly, I love life and I am always intentionally about finding the good in others.

S&S: Can you list three characteristics you are looking for in a man? 

Layllen: He has a close relationship with God, driven and takes great care of himself.

S&S: When did you know you were ready for love? 

Layllen: I think I go into every relationship with a positive mindset and realistic expectations. If something does not work out, I take time to heal and move on.

S&S: Can you walk us through your decision to participate in a reality television dating show?

Layllen: I was invited to apply. I am an open minded person, and wanted to have a positive outlook on the experience. I felt it was worth trying to see if I would find love.

S&S: What were initial expectations going on the show, and how did they align with reality?

Layllen: I had no expectations. I didn’t want to overthink or talk myself out of participating. I knew it would mostly likely be unlike anything I had experience and it was.

S&S: Were there any memorable moments or conversations that stand out to you from your time on the show?

Layllen: Yes, I had a few transparent conversations at the beginning of the process that had me hopeful that finding an amazing person was possible.

S&S: What lessons did you learn about yourself through your journey on the television program?

Layllen: I have a lot of respect for anyone that does reality TV. The hours are long. The cameras are always rolling, and you go through a variety of emotions. No two days are the same and you really have to be open and open-minded. The biggest lesson I learned was no matter what, just be yourself. Who is there for you will be attracted to you.

S&S: What advice would you give to someone considering participating on a reality television dating show?

Layllen: Make sure to do your research. Watch the programs you are interested in. Also, make sure you really have the time and energy to be fully present.

S&S: Was it a hard decision to leave the show? 

Layllen: It was a very hard decision, because I had made some connections, and still felt like I didn’t get the opportunity to get to know some of the men. However, I did not want to be unfair to anyone.

S&S: Looking ahead, what are you hopes and aspirations when it comes to finding love and building meaningful relationships in the future?

Layllen: I have a very positive perspective. I know God has someone very special for me. I have been intentional about working on myself so I can be the best version of myself when he reveals my husband. I know all things happen in his perfect timing.

S&S: Do you have any products, projects, or businesses you would like to share? 

Layllen: I am the author of the self-care book, “Love, It Starts with You. I am also the owner of LAYD Spaces, which stands for Live All Your Dreams. LAYD Spaces is an intimate event venue located in Dallas. Inspiring others to live a more purpose-filled life has always been a passion of mine.

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