10 Hours of Fashion

An Interview with Dana Roberson Akbar; the Owner of 10 Hours of Fashion 

When did you first know you had an eye for Fashion?

I would say around 5th or 6th grade.  I did not want to wear the norm and I always wanted to mix things up and change the appearance of a dress, top or cut something up.

What trends did you love the most?

I can’t say that I try to keep up with the trends.  I like to do something other than what’s trendy.  But a few trends that I love I would say is the midi dresses and pencil skirts.  Even before the trend was out, I preferred a skirt/dress that came below the knee and hit mid-calf.   I never cared for minis.

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When someone thinks about your Designs and Fashion; what 3 words would you say represent you?

Unique, must-have, and showstopper

What made you chose 10 Hours of Fashion as the name?

Our boutique is open 10 Hours and we have nothing but fashion.  One day I was telling a customer that same thing over the phone providing her with our store hours and it just came out.  We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am – 8pm, 10 Hours of Fashion and I then changed our boutique name to that.

Who are some of your favorite Designers?

Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Valentino Garavani and of course Tom Ford.

 How long did you have a Boutique before you start designing?

2 years.  Then I realized in order to carry the styles I really crave, I had to design them. And the lack of options for the plus size industry also inspired me to design a more fashionable look for the Curvy Woman.

What is the name of your line and is there a meaning?

Fancy Me Couture.  I believe everyone wants to be fancy. And the Britain term “fancy me” means like me.  And what I design will make you like me and the person who is wearing it just by their ensemble.

Would you consider yourself a Trendsetter? 

I would consider myself unique and true to myself and what styles and fashion I like leading the way in fashion and ideas. I do not try to keep up with anyone else.  I just do me and people that follow just love unique styles as well.

10 Hours of Fashion Tiffany

If you could pick one decade that inspired you; which decade would it be and why?

Of course it would be difficult to carve out just one decade dictating the entire fashion mind of a creative fashion designer. However the vintage look is always sophisticated and elegant all in one with creative and unique looks that gives a very feminine silhouette to the woman. But I love each decade independently for what each has to offer.

What is Unique about your Boutique?  When it comes to fashion, everyone has different tastes.  Again I am only true to my style and what I would like to wear that complements my fashion persona and I share that look with my customers.  I like to be unique and make people wonder I got my outfit from instead of blending in with the crowd.  I provide a look that make you stand out and give the audience a reason to notice you and get sooo many compliments.  And that keeps my customers coming back

What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?

Of course the independence and being your own boss.  But it also provides me platform to be creative and to do what I have a passion for.  Fashion.  Making a woman feel good and confident about herself.

What are some of the challenges?

Well when you work for yourself you have to know that you do not have a steady income.  I will not get the same check every week.  So income can be one of the greatest challenges.  Also the very act of running your own business; you can only hold yourself accountable for your wins and failures. No one to blame but you.

What are some of your events…new ventures…etc coming up

Well we intend on moving our boutique to a bigger location at the end of this year.  And we plan on having several fashion shows thereafter.

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