Crystal Manning The Triple Threat

By Kaillaby 

Crystal Manning is a force to be reckoned with. Crystal has received a scholarship from The United States Olympic Committee and is currently working on her master’s degree with Keller School of Business; the athlete/model/philanthropist has been breaking records and winning awards in sports since 2007. Crystal Manning hails from the Greater Dallas area where she attended Cedar Hill High School before heading to the Midwest for the University of Kansas on a full athletic scholarship. While competing for the Jayhawks, Crystal became a 4-time All-American honoree, 3-time Big 12 Conference Champion, and broke records when she was awarded the Big 12 Championship High Point Scorer Trophy, the first and only athlete to receive the award in KU history. During her college career, Crystal set school records in the indoor and outdoor triple jump and was inducted into the University of Kansas Hall of Fame in 2015. Although her love of sports originated with figure skating, basketball, and track, these days, Crystal’s focus is on the Long Jump and Triple Jump. 

Recently, we caught up with Crystal, who filled us in on overcoming the pandemic, what it was like speaking with former President Barack Obama, and what the future looks like for a top-ranking triple jump star.    


SoulandSalsa-What was it like speaking with former President Obama? 

CM-It was an amazing experience chatting with Obama I was definitely trying to remain calm.  

SoulandSalsa-Could you give us some details as to the nature of the conversation?  

CM-At the moment I can not but it was all positive things 

SoulandSalsa-Did you face any training setbacks during the pandemic?  

CM-Yes everything was closed down the gym and the track. 

SoulandSalsa-How did you work around that? 

CM– I train at a park and on the streets and build a home gym. 

SoulandSalsa-Did you utilize any new platforms during the pandemic to grow your brand?  

CM-I regularly posted to my Ig page  

SoulandSalsa-You just signed an endorsement deal with luxury sports brand Carbon 38, congratulations! How did that happen and what can you tell us about your collaboration? CM-Carbon 38 is a good company they have the most amazing athletic/leisure clothing. 

SoulandSalsa-Your IG profile mentions that you’re a global giver, can you give us a glimpse into your charitable and philanthropy work?  

CM-I do a lot of private giving to charities, families, and individuals across the world.  

SoulandSalsa-Tell us about In The Spirit Entertainment.  

CM-I am the President we empower the arts & health/wellness 

SoulandSalsa-What’s your relationship with fashion?  

CM-Fashion is my first love so I incorporate it with my track outfits.  

SoulandSalsa-Where do you want to travel for fun?  


SoulandSalsa-What are your go-to items when packing your travel bag?  

CM-I make sure I have dresses, heels, makeup, green tea serum, and most importantly my jewelry to match outside of my workout gear.   

SoulandSalsa– What are you up to now and what are your future goals?  

CM-Right now I am just working on being the best version of myself that is my goal. 

When not putting in the hours in training, Crystal is an actress, model, and youth mentor leader. She is involved with In the Spirit Entertainment Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3, which empowers the arts through health and wellness. On Crystal’s growing list of expertise is fashion design. The clothes she wears on the runway while competing, and the clothes she wears off, are her original pieces. You can follow Crystal Manning’s journey on IG: @crystaljumps.