Deve’ Pharms A Modeling Trainer

Deve’  Pharms  A Modeling Trainer

By: Kim Harris

Deve’ has worked within the Fashion and Entertainment industry for over 2 decades. She began modeling at the age of 9, doing mall fashion shows for JC Penny’, Dillard’s and 579.  Throughout the years she has done work for  Rachel Roy, Ed Hardy, Apple Bottom, Abi Ferrin, RidiKulus Kouture, James Barron, Indashio, Josette Couture, and Sharrari Swimwear, to name a few. She has worked on Promotional Campaigns for Carol’s Daughter, Ford, Toyota, Chili’s and local radio stations. Deve’ is also equipped with print work and acting experience, appearing in commercials and television shows such as Prison Break. Among the years Deve’ has earned much experience and knowledge in production and model coaching from working in front of and behind the scenes of amazing projects.  Along with her experiences she gained a massive network of key people within the Fashion, Entertainment, and Art Industry which she still remains connected.  Deve’ sits down with Kim Harris to talk about her mission.

How did you start in modeling?

Deve’: I started modeling at age nine, through my Godmother who taught etiquette class with Lace Gloves, now Jones 2000.

What do you remember about your first gig? Deve’: I remember feeling the rush I felt in being on the stage with the other and older models. It was the best feeling being able to dress up, get my hair done, and walking to great music. I didn’t know too much about fashion but I knew I loved being on the runway.

If you can name 3 qualities needed for a child model; what would they be?

Deve’:  Charisma, Eagerness to learn, Love for what they do.

Would you say it is harder for minorities in the business? 

Deve’: I don’t think it’s harder for minorities. Modeling is hard business for anyone.  I do think that there is a lack of minority models,  but not because it’s any more difficult for us than other races. I think that it’s up to us to make our presence known. We are a beautiful people and a force to be reckoned with.

Who inspired you in the business?

Deve’: Many family, friends, and haters inspired me and helped me to be the woman I am. To all, I say THANK YOU!

Did you ever move to follow your passion in another city?  If so, what happened?

Deve’: I never moved but I did travel and connected with people to explore my options. I was fortunate to have met and worked with people that gave me the chance to learn more about building fashion shows, sparking my interest into producing fashion events.

You have some fierce poses; did you go through classes to learn poses?

Deve’: Fierce poses? Ha! I recall being told that if it feels awkward then you might be doing something right. So before any shoot, I would get in front of a mirror, without looking at my reflection, I would do strange and weird things with my body. Once it felt awkward enough, I would then look in the mirror then smooth out the pose to make it look effortless and work my face to make it look pretty. Now a days working behind the scenes majority of the time, I only have to come out and smile once the show has ended. No awkward poses needed!


Do you teach young women in the industry? The company provides modeling services for young women and young men.

Deve’: So many out there fail to realize how difficult it is to be a working and successful model. Many think that because they are pretty or handsome, they’re a shoe in for the industry. Many believe that taking pictures with little to no clothes makes them models.

Mission? My modeling services mission is to train and guide aspiring/potential models to confident, industry savvy, professionals. We work to give models an edge in a very competitive industry. We don’t promise to make them America’s next top model. We do promise to educate and prepare young individuals for casting calls and interviews, whether for a modeling agency or a corporate job. On the production side, we help clients to achieve memorable events whether an elaborate fashion show, expo, grand opening, product launch, or party. We provide clients extensions to their target audience including key hitters in their market of need or interest. We dedicate ourselves to each of our clients’ needs in regards to their specific event. We exhibit the utmost professionalism and experience while rendering creative solutions and effective services.

Any goals..future events that you would like to share?

Deve’: My goal is to help build positive perceptions of Dallas, TX regarding the fashion world. Dallas has so much talent but is so often overlooked. I have BIG plans in store that I believe will set the ball in motion. You guys will just have to stay tuned at