Dwele is “Some kinda”


 By Laurance D. Waters

 Dwele, a Detroit, Michigan native, is wise beyond his years, which I find refreshing. He has compassion and a sense of responsibility to his music, fans and community. As we sit down in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton for this interview, Dwele has an old school aura about him; confident, but not too full of himself. Even his manager, Tim Maynor, and his stage manager, Miles Jordan, conducted themselves with dapper style! Both returned calls and were on time. Thanks to these brothers for giving their time and making my job easy

LW- Who’s your early influences?

 Dwele- I have to say Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, and Roy Ayers.

 LW- Most people call your sound Neo-Soul. What do you consider your sound?

 Dwele- Soul music, Old School R & B, but it’s an honor to be labeled Neo-Soul.

 LW- What gives you the passion to write and perform?

 Dwele- Life stories and experiences – things I see everyday.

 LW- How long have you been playing the piano, and do you play any other instrument?

 Dwele- I’ve played the piano and the trumpet since I was 10. My dad gave me my first keyboard at this age.

 LW- How do you go about putting a song together?

 Dwele- Usually, I’ll come up with some music, then I’ll put the lyrics together on the piano.

 LW- What music or artists do you listen to?

 Dwele- Any Old-School. Mainly it depends on what I’m doing. When I relax, it’s jazz; John Coltrane, or if I’m riding, Lil’Wayne.

 LW- What message do you want your fans to get from you?

Dwele- That I always put my heart and soul in all my projects and performances. I want my tracks to be feel good music!

 LW- How do you relax, and do you have any other projects we should be on the look out for?

 Dwele- Man, it’s about family for me…. home cooking and playing pool. I also do a little sketching. Maybe I’ll do some acting down the line. The youth are very important to me, so I do my best to present a positive image, and never forget where you come from, and who paid the price for us to enjoy and have things like never before. And Hip-Hop has changed everything. It’s mainstream.

 LW- Dwele, I’ve seen you three times in Dallas, and each time the crowd is getting larger and larger, so it seems Dallas and you have a relationship. Is that a good assessment?

 Dwele- Without a doubt, Laurance. The crowds always make me feel welcome. The beautiful women, wonderful weather, what can I say? I truly love Big D!

 LW- And with that said, Thanks Brother Dwele, continued success! If you have not picked up his latest CD, Sketches of a Man, what are you waiting for?

 To check out his album..goto www.dwele.net/