Soul and Salsa New Artist -Emerald

Soul and Salsa Magazine selects Emerald as one of the Soul and Salsa 100 Most Beautiful. These women are beautiful, educated, unique,  and  talented!   Giving exposure to their charity or philanthropy work is also of importance.

Introducing Emerald

My name is Emerald and this is my dream…..

Singer, actress, model trained through life’s experiences and put to work as a vocal performance graduate at Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts……

Originally from the US Virgin Islands this Caribbean queen is taking her talents through busy days and sleepless nights to the next level, “Singing is like breathing for me, it keeps me sane, grounded and is the best stress reliever and most powerful outlet I have. Acting gives me the practice I need in order to put on a good show and modeling, well modeling keeps the creativity flowing between gigs. Inspiration comes from very many things in my life, as my day is usually filled with much activity, whether it’s at the office, in the classroom, or with my family and friends, hence the original concepts you may see in my portfolio.”

“I have been actively recording for almost a year now working with several very talented people on different projects however. I am excited to finally see my personal project come together. I was working on a project quite sometime ago but dropped the mic in order to re-prioritize several areas of my life. I believe God has put me back on the music scene at this point in my life and things are much different now, my perspective on life has changed as I’ve done a bit of growing in positive directions.”

“I am super eclectic so I love every genre of music, yet you can find me performing Jazz, Blues, R&B and Soul, it just seems to be where my heart lies, call me old school if you want cause I’ll only take it as a compliment. I am in the process of teaming up with a new band so be on the look out for that.”

“Life isn’t promised so appreciate the Gift God has given us and live in the nanoseconds, I promise you will see things differently, I did….”

 I also have a plan of one day starting an emergency family shelter as well. I noticed that there is not as many areas of assistance for men with families as there are for women with family and although there are male shelters they cannot have their children with them at these locations as women are able to. Emergency family shelters are usually co ed and only for people with families, they also assist with Job search, day care and housing assistance encouraging people to get back to independence.

I am active on facebook, twitter, tumblr and instagram. If you would like to hear my music you’re welcome to stream from either of my pages on or reverbnation/emeraldkhan

Contact info is as follows

Facebook, Emerald Khan_____Reverb Nation: Emerald Khan_____, Twitter : Emerald Khan_or @musicalemerald____ Tumblr musicalemerald, ____Model Mayhem: musicalemerald, ____Soundcloud: musicalemerald

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