Fashion Couture Duo Farhan and Ambreen

  As one of the best duo designers in the fashion industry, and at Karachi Fashion Week, Farhan and Ambreen Wahid have been setting trends worldwide.
What separates their designs from the rest is their unique way of incorporating traditional Eastern delicacies with Western style silhouettes. Having strong backgrounds in retail and apparel production helped the duo reach incredible success. Farhan was designing menswear in Pakistan with 6 years of experience, while Ambreen was more drawn to women’s apparel with a solid 12 years of experience. Ambreen has bachelors in art, helping her polish her artistic skills, whereas Farhan was more gifted in playing music. This fusion seems to impact their artistic abilities, giving them broader perspectives on designs. While growing up in the same house hold, the siblings can relate to each other’s personal aesthetic. The fusion between their expertise and aspirations drove them to create exclusive quality garments. The designers always keep in mind the latest trends in fashion vogue while designing garments, which seems to delight the demands of their customers. In the future, the pair would like to include a Western collection, inspired by haute couture designers Armani and Yves Saint Laurent.
Interview of the duo by: Dalina Ford

How do you feel the Pakistani fashion industry is evolving?

Pakistani fashion industry is getting matured day by day and is being recognized all over the world now. There was a time when people in west knew Bollywood only but now Pakistan’s fashion has made its own place.
Would you two ever consider designing a menswear collection?
Yes of course. That’s one of our goals in future. Hopefully in a year or so we will try to introduce our Menswear collection.
What made you guys decide to collaborate?
Initially we were very much interested in launching our Lawn collection but to be able to sell such a huge quantity we felt we needed to be recognized as a fashion brand. That’s when we decided to start F&A.
We all know the fashion industry is cut throat, what keeps you motivated?
Competition itself. After every fashion show, we feel the next one has to be better and that motivates us to explore new things and experiment them.
Are there any Pakistani designers that inspire you?
Sana Safinaz and Umar Sayeed..they have inspired most of the designers I must say.
Do you enjoy designing traditional garments or Western wear more?We enjoy designing, whether it’s Tradition or western. If you take a look at our shows, you will find every collection different from the previous. Some are very tradition and some are western. So this way we haven’t confined ourselves to a particular category.

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