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Creating a Custom Masterpiece: John Paul Ataker Designs

John Paul Ataker is a cutting edge women’s fashion line headquarter/showroom located in New York City Fashion District. With a mix of the elegance of Italy and Europe; their designs are exquisite and unique which is why the John Paul Ataker Designs was picked as the best designer from the MAGIC Fashion and Trade Show. Kerime, the co-founder and President of John Paul Ataker discusses its journey, passion and the details of creating a masterpiece.   How did you start in the industry? We started as creating and designing the most unique fabrics. Where does your passion come from when creating a custom gown? Listening to classical music such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Maria Callas opera singer What country do you love to pull your favorite fabrics? Turkey, South Korea, Italy,  India What was the first article of clothing you ever designed? We started with designing bridal gowns. Also, what makes us unique is that our fabrics designer is different than our dress designer. When you bring both into the pictures, it creates a great combination. Thus, people can easily see the creativity by looking at John paul Ataker`s collection How has your designs changed over the years? It depends on the mood we are in. As time goes by people`s ideas and thoughts change and that`s how it is with change in designs. However, we can say that when the mood is down or more melancholic, we`re more creative Is there one gown that you designed that is your favorite? Why? This is a tough question to answer since we like them all just like a mother loving all her children as equal. A mother may have her favorite child, however if she mentions it, the rest will be sad. Thus we rather not mention our favorite dress or dresses 🙂   What matters to you most as a fashion designer? Originality and Uniqueness are two most important factors in or designs meaning we highly value and care to be original and unique. Do you prefer sketching designs or actually constructing them? We like to sketch it first then construct it on a mannequin. Can someone call you to custom design a dress for them? We only create our designs. Where can we buy John Paul Ataker Designs? The collection is exclusively for boutiques and stores only worldwide. John Paul Ataker, Inc. Online Catalogue Showroom: 530 Seventh Avenue Mezzanine Floor New York, NY 10018 Office: (646) 710-4492  Fax: (646) 559.8669   

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