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Lauren Freeman “The New Boss”

"You too can Live a Fabulous Life" By: Kim Harris, Soul and Salsa Lauren Freeman is a true visionary. As founder and CEO of Lauren Fabulous Firm, LLC., she knew at a young age that she was destined for greatness.  Freeman wears many hats in her fabulous career that include, but not limited to: Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Style Icon. With over three decades of success, it appears that she makes it all seem effortless.  Although, Freeman is a take charge career oriented woman, she is humbling committed to helping others. Her ambition and drive knows no limits. “I believe in focusing on positive outcomes and dedication to bring about change for the better when it comes to health, fashion, and self-improvement, as well as brand recognition.  I come from an extraordinary family both in size and accomplishments. My lineage is steeped in entrepreneurship,” she says. Freeman’s family roots are grounded in business and fashion etiquette.   Freeman was educatelaurenfreemancoverbookd at California State University where she began working professionally in design, entertainment, fitness, and media. Freeman’s background in marketing, advertising, promotions, interpersonal communication and organizational enables her to grow, enhance, and advance the brands and clients she works with on an international platform in television, film, music, product education and endorsement. When it comes to fashion, she has worked alongside past and present media mogul. Some of her clients include:  Steve Harvey, Richard Simmons, Gerald Levert, Donna Joyner Richardson, the LA Lakers, Lisa Leslie (of the WNBA), Kaplan College, KD Studios, and the Kim Dawson Agency to name a few. Ms. Freeman is rapidly establishing herself as a highly and respected public figure. Freeman was recently asked to join Dress for Success Dallas as chair by Janie Bordner, Executive Director, which she accepted. Freeman will assist DFSD with their goal of supporting a diverse clientele, as well as developing current educational, fun, and empowering programs regarding recommendations concerning the development of resources to address issues attention and discussion to develop polices leading to resolutions that will make a difference in the lives of women and families that the organization serves. Also, on November 12, 2016, she is scheduled to receive an honorary doctorate degree from the International Chaplaincy Association in Atlanta Georgia. Here is more on the fabulous career of Lauren Freeman.   Soul and Salsa:  Tell us about your family’s impact on your lifestyle. Lauren Freeman: Family and friends who know me are understanding and accept what I have chosen as a career. They gently allow me to grow.  It has been pretty fabulous growing up in a two-parent household where they made the rules and you followed them. You could not get away with anything, which led me to practicing and developing better listening skills. How important is it to have role models? It is very important to have the right role models. Knowing who to choose is fundamental. Start with what you have in common. For example, I possess great leadership skills. That has inspired me to become more influential by writing a book to help others develop their own natural gifts and talents. It is also important to be open minded and a willingness to grow. In my book, The New Boss: A Guide to a Fabulous Lifestyle,  I argue that once you learn to make plans, it’s important to be flexible when it comes to making changes. If you follow the principles outlined in the book and step outside of your own personal belief system, you will eliminate obstacles that make it easier to reach your goals much faster, and lead to more success. You should also use the same tools that your mentors/role models use – each one should teach one. What motivated you to write The New Boss? I wrote the book to inspire, influence, and impact women, as well as others, to embrace where they are in life, and  learn the steps it takes to bring out your personal gifts and tools to develop a blueprint for improving their lives. That’s what The New Boss is, a blueprint for education and inspiration. What was it like for you working in corporate America? It gave me room to grow, and helped me to determine my potential. Looking back, it also helped me to advance in my personal career. In your own words, what is your definition of a fabulous lifestyle? One that inspires true confidence, offers transparency, and is uniquely beautiful that will bring balance, wealth, self-management, health and beauty to the foreground. How does your belief system create a fabulous lifestyle? I have an awesome opportunity to influence others in profound ways. I am motivated and dedicated to guide, teach, and pay it forward for women that want to be game changers with a vision to help others achieve their goals. You list several characteristics, or traits for women to follow in the book. What traits do you personally possess? I believe that no one represents the ideal woman, when it comes   to your own personal unique beauty and personality.  (We could be here all day) but to answer the question, I would say “I’m classy and elegant, with a feminine twist. Also, glamorous, but uniquely simple that represents my individuality. For me less is more.” How important is fashion? “Fashion for me is like art”. Some people look at particular piece and just don’t get it. I can see the beauty in all fashion. But fashion, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Who are some of your favorite designers? For my professional and business wardrobe, I prefer Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss respectively. For conservative wear: Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, Casual wear: Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Zac Posen, and for formal wear: Coco Chanel, Tom Ford, Stella McCartney and John Paul Guiltier. When traveling, what items are a must in your travel bag? Hair and skin products, one makeup palette, a cozy cardigan, a sassy neck scarf, socks (because my feet get really cold on planes), healthy snacks, oversized sunglasses, my passport, a laptop, and a pair of colorful converse. To purchase: “The New Boss: The Guide to a Fabulous Lifestyle” at

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