Sa’brak Boutique

“Find Your Vision at Sa’brak Boutique.”
By Kim Harris
Sa’brak Boutique takes pride in selecting classy, eccentric, and fun apparel that allows each customer to create an individual style, and offers fashion tips that will compliment any woman’s body/shape. Sa’brak Boutique is more than just your ordinary fashion store. According to owner and stylist Charly Pierce, Sa’brak Boutique also offers inspirational vision board workshops where people can come together and visualize their hopes and aspirations. By using magazine clips, photos, ideas, quotes, etc., with an emphasis on positive thinking, others can build a foundation for discovering their true desires in life.

SOUL AND SALSA talks with Pierce to get her take on her contribution to the world of fashion.

SOUL AND SALSA: Tell us a little about how you got into the industry and your fashion background.

Charly Pierce: I actually come from a background in finance. One day I was looking out my
charlyoffice window thinking, what’s next? At that moment, a friend called and reminded me of a time when I would style our group of friends, providing all the outfits and accessories. That conversation re-ignited the passionate I have for fashion. I decided to walk away from my job as a financial advisor to fulfill my dream of becoming a fashion stylist with a store front. I placed the name Sa’brak on a vision board, and one year later it came to fruition.

SOUL AND SALSA: How did you come up with the name for your boutique?

Charly Pierce: It’s a combination of the first two letters of my daughters names (Sasha and Bralynn), and the last two letters of my nickname Shak, which means patience in Arabic.

SOUL AND SALSA: Do you recall how you felt when you purchased the first items for your boutique?

Charly Pierce: I was very excited. As a stylist, I did not want to select to many items that were the same. So, I would only purchase up to three items from a particular vendor at a time.

SOUL AND SALSA: As a stylist, what catches your eye?

Charly Pierce: I go for rich fabrics and unique pieces, as well as those never-seen-before or one-of-a-kind designs, because women wants something special to wear for outings like girls night out, first dates, and weddings, etc.

SOUL AND SALSA: You offers a variety of sizes not typically found in most boutiques. Was this a conscious decision?

Charly Pierce: Yes, because I don’t want anyone to feel left out, regardless of their size or shape.

SOUL AND SALSA: The words peace, transformation, joy, and growth grace the walls of your boutique. Do they have any special meaning?

Charly Pierce: These words represent how I feel at peace with how Sa’brak is transforming into a fashion boutique of substance. I’m experiencing joy and growth all the time.

SOUL AND SALSA: What’s next?

Charly Pierce: I’m developing a summer styling show, as well as continuing my vision board workshops. Also, my oldest daughter has shown interest in fashion and styling; therefore, I envision there will be more Sa’brak boutiques in the very near future.

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