Style Inspirations for Gentlemen

Winter is here, and there are some major pieces that Edwin hand-picked personally for several occasions that guys could easily use some help with. From your daily essentials, to certain detailing that a modern gentleman really wants to pay his attention to.



For the Artsy Occasions

This season is well known for it’s celebration title and there will be plenty of opportunities from overflowing dinner dates to pretentious parties. Occasions like this where dressing up in a semi-formal way is rather appropriate. So be bold and express your individuality. 

A clean White Button Down Oxford Shirt to begin with, steamed and pressed obviously. Layer it with a Waistcoat for that extra touch, in case you have to lose the coat when it gets warm under the heater. Throw on a pair of Corduroy Trousers for that soft, luxurious feel and Chelsea Boots for mobility. Lastly, when it comes to outerwear. A good functional full-length coat seems to be a rather steep investment for the majority of us, especially if you are looking at something that will bring a certain pop to your entire outfit. My advice is seek to explore and search around vintage and second-hand markets like this beautiful Fur-lined Houndstooth Coat to really stand out from the crowd.

Edwin Tsui, author of PREPPYLIST shares his insight on this upcoming season with Style Inspirations and the essentials for a modern gentleman.


“Trends today are moving far too quickly whilst many men are starting to be more and more aware and self-conscious about their looks. I started this blog on Instagram as a style guide platform in the hopes to bring inspirations hence an influence to all the fellow gentlemen out there, but more is to bring it all back to the basics. Classic Menswear but with a slight twist of my own personal taste.”

From the Getaways to Gatherings


During special occasions when we would love to dress in style from travelling to meet ups. But perhaps the cold hence the holiday mood just completely defeat our inner selves into the transformation of Sweatshirts and Hoodies. edwin3


For this occasion, I’ve gone more with a Casual vibe with an on-the-go fit. Try putting on a simple Henley Shirt under a Turtleneck Cable-knit Sweater for that comfort under the skin with the removable option when it’s indoor. Layer it on top with a Leather Puffer Vest for that extra warmth during the late night cool breeze when strolling around town. Pair it with some Selvedge Denim & Leather Boots, High Top Sneakers like this can also do the trick if you’re feeling laidback and if the whole day consists of much walking. Finally, take a Duffle Travel Bag with you for the sleek touch and more importantly for all the essentials when travelling to airports and finding your stay.


For the Date Nights

Winter can be a very romantic season. Either way, it’s a season to show off your flair of dapperness. Anyhow, it is most certainly important to dress precisely and the least you want is to be ‘Peacocking’ which is rather a turn off.

So for this occasiedwinlongpicon, try to start with a simple light blue Button Down Shirt paired with a Knitted Tie. Layer it with a Plaid Double Breasted Jacket with a plain Pocketsquare and wrap a Scarf around for that extra touch. Put on a clean pair of Chinos/ Trousers with some brown Wingtips.

Always remember, you want to be sophisticated but more keep it clean and simple. Simplicity is where the charm is. Just be confident, sit back and enjoy all the attention that attracts.