Sugar and Art Fashion Show

The Sugar and Art Fashion Show was one of a kind.  It is a show that lets artist express themselves with their craft.  It is like a girls night out on the runway with couture gowns to streetwear to casually unique designs.  Timmery, the founder of Sugar and Art started out as a jeweler and know lets others showcase their talents.

Timmery lets us find the Sugar and Art:

How did you come up with the idea Sugar Art and Fashion?

It was truly an order of events that happened.  I was a struggling jewelry designer, and due to the nature of my unique line I was invited to showcase my  work as a vendor at the then underground show, Pancakes and Booze.  Which was (is) a unique and innovative art show that specialized in showcasing underground artists and bands in warehouse type settings.  Simultaneously, I was asked to model for a Project Ethos fashion show that a good friend of mine was showcasing for.  I was enthralled by the press coverage and attendance of the show, but I knew as an emerging independent designer it was something I could afford.  After being involved with both productions, and figuring out what I loved about them both, Sugar Art and Fashion Show was born.  I wanted to combine the affordability, uniqueness, and magic that Tom Kirlin’s Pancakes and Booze had with the media hype and frenzy of Project Ethos.  Only difference with Sugar was we were an all female production and we showcase art, fashion, music, and photography all in one night.   I was really filling a need for myself and I figured there were other emerging and underground female artists out there like myself that could benefit, as well.  And we all know about strength in numbers and the power of community and networking.

What inspires you?

My love the arts inspires me, and the people I work with inspire me.  I love seeing all of my clients feeling so accomplished and feeling that they’ve taken one step closer to their goals and dreams.

Tell us about your accessories?

I created 1981 Collection back in 2007, I believe.  And I rarely have time to focus on designing as my production grows and I spend my time helping other artists, which I’m more than okay with.  But my designs were (are) funky and whimsical based off pop art, my childhood, and the 80s.  I like creating pieces that spark up conversation and make the wearer feel fun and unique.


What is your favorite part of the show? I don’t think that’s a fair question.  

I truly do love all elements of the event.  I love looking at the art, I love watching the fashion show, I love listening and vibing out to our music performers, and  I love connecting with the people.  I really couldn’t ask for a better job.  I’m surrounded by everything I love and constant inspiration, creativity, and magic.

Tell us about the tour?

That’s a loaded question! haha!  Which part? The tour was amazing beyond belief and I’m still trying to figure out how the hell we did that.   We were so lucky to have so much support across the nation.  Our movement was well accepted for the most part and we learned so much, and I’m excited to put my new knowledge to work for our next tour.


What was your favorite city/why? That’s a tough one.  

Everyone city truly did have something special to offer, and I can’t narrow a favorite city down to one.  Okay, maybe I’m lying…..Portland was one of my favorite cities surprisingly.  The energy there was so non-judgmental and open to what we were doing.  It was like we were meant to be there.  Miami was also another favorite.  It’s a sexy city, and it shows in their designs.  I was actually very surprised by how awesome their art scene was too.  New York was off the hook, of course, and Chicago was really surprising to me as to how large their art community was.  

What makes your show unique from all the others?  

Sugar is unique for many reasons.  I think we’re one of the only shows out there that is as self expressive and non-conformist as ours.  We truly do give free reign to our talent.  The night is theirs and we’re open to almost any form of expression and creativity.  We’re also all about shocking our audience and we can sometimes come across as crass to the boxier individual.  I believe art is without limit, and I think that comes across in our productions and the way that I operate my company.

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Photographer for Timmery TUTU – Christopher Chapman
Seth Dobie
Hair & Makeup – Leri Turner
Wardrobe:Rachel Mace of Totally Trashed
Jewelry: Mary Tafuri, 1981 Collection, Kellie Kana Flowers, Krystle Monahan
Group Pic: Photography Courtesy of Anelga Ma