The Master of Men’s Wear

The Master of Men’s Wear

August 23, 2012 Off By SoulandSalsa

Giorgio Armani: The Master of Men’s Wear

By Laurance D. Waters

Each year I say ok master let’s see if someone can come close or what will you do? Well the answer is Giorgio Armani and everybody else! Just to mention his name brings to mind that certain movie with Richard Gere was my first taste of couture for men. And I receive a gift of Mr. Armani Double-breast wool and gabardine suit from his MANI collection that was slim cut back in 1992 at a time when American men did not have a clue on the cut of a suit, and

I still wear that suit today with proud. But this collection I believe is his best without question!

It’s just breath taking, his patterned Sport jackets are define in the mode of slim but not skinny as checkered light blue and grey with natural shoulders real buttons accents the colors were match with valor draped trousers of deep ocean blue and his trade mark small collar shirts no tie with his grey/blue suede wingtip shoes. Another stand out garment is the Gray Flannel suit.

In 2 or 3 button is a classic again his look for fall is Armani drape fit trousers so much for the flat dull pants, trousers again Mr. Armani shows why he sets the tone when it comes to leader of this generation of Designers with his flannel suits are match with wide spread collar shirts and floral, solid print ties unbutton cuffs for a bet of a swagger and this time around the shoes are of grey-dust and work/men sole comfort at every turn but very chic. These are just a few of the highlights of a collection that you can piece together and still are a well dress Gentleman.


His sweaters are soft and define by the relax look of a man that is comfortable in his sense of style but understands dressing is an art form. I also enjoyed his updated fisherman’s net sweaters that had scarfs added for color, V- neck sweaters of the slim fit not tight that had shirts with bowties, silk ties added as well? Most Suits, Sport Jackets had that added touch of a pocket square for the dapper look. So from 4-6 button double-breast suits, relax shoulders jackets and added that certain new color and Mr. Armani shoe collection is worth a look as is his watches you just can’t go wrong. Mr. Armani added his women’s collection to his Men’s presentation ; that way we all know how to put it together and be fabulous at once! Giorgio Armani is the master of Men’s wear and sets the tone for the season. For more of this collection and as always till next time fashion up!