Zemill’s PoJazz Experience

Zemill’s PoJazz Experience

May 22, 2018 Off By SoulandSalsa

E. Arabis Zemill “Zemill” is an award-winning Spoken Word Artist, Performer, Author, and Lyricist who has created his own unique brand of music known as “The PoJazz Experience.” His new Book “Love Unleashed – The Fire and Passion of Poetry”, his CD “Timeless” and Newly Released CD “Intimate Pleasures” are destined to be a Mind Engaging Journey and Mellow Music Lovers Favorites! He has performed in front of intimate settings of five people to five thousand or more. His music is now being played across the country and around the world in places like Italy, The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and a host of others. Zemill has a sit down with Soul and Salsa Magazine about the PoJazz Experience and his passion for poetry.

Who is E. Arabis Zemill? What’s the origin of that name?

One day I spoke to my father who apologized for not being around most of my life. He said he read some of my work that I gave him and heard me perform at a celebration and was moved by my Lyrics and Music. He told me, ‘I haven’t given you much but if I could have, I would have named you Arabis Zemill.’ I said, “Why?” He said, “My words and Music make people feel good, that I was creative, athletic and driven and those characteristics would lead to being successful.” I said, “Wow! I like that and felt blessed that to him, I encompassed those qualities.” All together Efrem, my given name means Doubly Fruitful,  Arabis is wild and rare and Zemill means Joyous Melodies in Hebrew. I felt Zemill was a strong and powerful moniker and I have been writing and performing under the name for years now.

Tell us about the book Love Unleashed. 

IMG_7881Yes, Love Unleashed: The Fire and Passion of Poetry is my second book. It is a mind engaging journey of Poetic Verse, Prose and Spoken Word. I’m very excited because I feel my writing has gone to a whole new level. The book is filled with Love, Romance, Sensuality, Social Consciousness, Intimacy and Inspiration.  Love Unleashed talks to you about what’s happening in the streets today. I feel the words speak to your heart, mind, soul and spirit. The words and thoughts and situations will be relatable. I believe it’s a very enthralling body of work that will give the reader an entertaining escape. I feel The Imagery will pull you inside the pages.

You have a CD out called Intimate Pleasures; what inspired you to develop that?

‘Intimate Pleasures’ is what you pop in when you get home. Both CD’s are musical journeys, yet I would say ‘Intimate Pleasures’ is very sexy and seductive. The Sax, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Instrumentation and Vocals will serenade your inclinations and is a phenomenal back drop for any occasion. The music makes you feel good, anytime and anyplace. I was inspired by wanting to share a compilation I felt would make you want to move and groove as the music takes you to a place of pure pleasure. It was written with you the listener in mind. I wanted to offer you a passport to mellow moods. Each Track is part of a story that allows you to join in and go wherever the music leads you.  I’m really excited about this project and honored to be able to share it with the world. ‘Intimate Pleasures’ is that CD you put in and no matter how you’re feeling, it will enhance, entice and stir your senses! My CD ‘Timeless’ – which has been streamed more than 20 Thousand times and is now played on over 25 stations and in more than 20 countries – is your cool smooth ride home. Your groovy grooves CD.

zemillWhat genre of music do you consider your work to be?

I call what I do Zemill’s PoJazz Experience. It’s a mixture of several Genres. I don’t know if you can put it in a box. So what is PoJazz? I’m glad you asked. PoJazz is the blending of Smooth Jazz, Smooth R&B, Neo-Soul, a pinch of Blues Rifts and Sprinkled with Poetic Verse, fused together to give you a diverse and entertaining musical escapade.

Who are your major influences?

I’m big fan of Stevie Wonder, Luther, Kenny G., Will Downing, Brian Culbertson and all the great Groups and Bands of the 90’s. I also love Maze, the Commodores, LTD and the GAP Band.

Which poems do you perform most frequently?

I change it up and never give the same show twice. Crowd favorites are Catwoman, Kryptonite, In The Mix, Come Along and Roll With Me, Do You See Me Now, Over and Over, Romp and She Craves Me.

Could you briefly describe the poetic process?

I only write my music and poetry when I’m inspired. I feel I’m merely an instrument commissioned to transcribe spirited thoughts. When I get it right and the purity of the message isn’t lost in translation I feel it has a chance to be something special. I then learn one line at a time based on what I’m going perform. Next I practice every day until it flows the way it was intended to be shared. My music starts out as a melody, I hum the melody and give it to my musical producers Joel McCray and Linny Nance, they orchestrate the notes and when we all hear the same thing the music is magic.

What are your rehearsals generally like? Do you have a set time each week in which you practice or are rehearsals more spontaneous?

Grinding, daily and I like to rehearse at the gym late, when I can use the dance room alone. I practice whatever I’m feeling at the time and then when I’m a week out from a show I do the poems and songs in the order I will perform them. But I practice every day throughout the day.

How has your poetry evolved over the years?

Great Question. It’s evolved as I have grown as a writer and performer. The depth and vocabulary have grown tremendously. I write now in a way I feel allows the reader to say I’m speaking directly to them. I’ve had many of my readers pay me that humbling compliment. I’ve had others say my words are stimulating and the phraseology is compelling. That is very moving to me. To have your work touch someone and be appreciated is very rewarding.

What advice do you have for people who want to start doing poetry and music?

Believe in what you do. Believe in yourself, beyond any shadow of a doubt.  Live your Vision, Plan it, Command it and most assuredly Stand in it. Be persistent and understand your dreams will take sacrifice. You own it. Be confident and never wavier. Practice your craft. Put in the work, never give up and know that sometimes you will have to walk alone. Study your predecessors and your contemporaries. Find your niche. Appreciate and respect the ride and those who support you. Be humble and forever relentlessly hungry.

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music, books, and poetry? Do you have a website with songs or a demo CD?

Amazon, iTunes, and your favorite Musical Digital Platform along with places you get your E-BOOKS. For all things Zemill, go to AttentionRequired.com or Zemill.com. E Arabis Zemill on Facebook, @zemill on Twitter and @zemillspojazz on Instagram!